Beta Technology’s ILS OPL is a multi-washer liquid chemical delivery system, serving up to 6 washers with up to 8 chemicals. It is designed for use in medium-sized laundries with washer sizes between 35 and 250 lbs. The ILS OPL uses less wall space and less tubing than single washer dispensers, making installations look neat and professional. Installed on thousands of washers worldwide,it has a track record of performance and reliability.

L005013 ILS OPL brochure

ILS OPL Install Guide

ILS OPL Presentations

060605 ILS OPL and ILS Max Introduction

080125 ILS OPL and ILS Max Installation and Programming

060608 ILS OPL How to Program from the Pumpbox

070817 Continuous Batch Washer Chemical Injections

ILS OPL Equipment Technical Bulletins

ILS OPL Installation Manual / 16571-revB

ILS OPL Installation Manual – Español / R18893-00-RevA

ILS Pump Errors w/Viton/Solvent Resistant Tubing / 6886,a,Viton Tubing with ILS OPL

DF1 / DF2 / DFT – Smart Pump / Transport Pump Screws Change