Tunnel Flush


Handling tunnel dosing applications has always been complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Beta’s Tunnel Flush Manifold is one-of-a-kind in the marketplace, offering a complete tunnel dosing system for a fraction of the cost of competitive systems. The Tunnel Flush Manifold, is perfect for any size tunnel washer.

• Fully preassembled, reducing installation time and mishaps
• Flushes chemical to 4 tunnel modules simultaneously
• Easily expands to handle 5th tunnel module injection point
• Simultaneous chemical delivery is lightening fast compared to systems that only deliver one chemical at at time
• Independent flow and pressure switches for each injection point ensure safety
• Integral water filter to ensure reliability
• Tunnel Automatic Formula Select (TAFS) mode ensures the right formula is selected and the right amount of chemical is dosed, even when trigger length varies.

Download Tunnel Flush Install Guide