16 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene The Encapsulator is a simple, reliable method of dispensing dry and solid products into sinks. Unreliable timers and hand pumps are replaced with a simple 1/4 turn valve that fills the sink and doses chemical concurrently. Solution strength is set with an internal adjustment. Encapsulator Dry Detergent Reservoir Sink Filling Features n Requires less maintenance than eductors or battery-powered systems n Fast installation with integral vacuum breaker n Extraordinarily easy to use. Simply turn a knob to fill sink with water and an exact concentration of chemical n No chemical containers on the floor or under the sink n No-spill product containers are easier to handle and store than liquid buckets n Safety shield covers nozzle as soon as product is removed Theory of operation When the fill valve is turned on, water is sprayed up into the capsule for product washout. Gravity dis-charges the concentrated solution down the primary delivery tube. Bypass water in the secondary delivery tube dilutes the concentrate in the mixing zone. The final solution flows into the sink ready for use. Product concentrations can easily be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of bypass water. For solid product applications with chemical bottles that have screens on the end, we recommend using and Encapsulator Plus with the 84° nozzle. To handle different product formulations, nozzles are available with different spray patterns and flow rates. Encapsulator Dimensions: H 18.5”x W 10.5”x D 8” Weight: 4.7 lb Incoming Water Temp: 100 - 130°F Minimum Pressure: 20 psi Maximum Pressure: 80 psi Maximum Flow Rate: 4.5 gpm Spray Nozzle Options: at 50 psi