17 Kitchen Hygiene Dry Detergent Reservoir Sink Filling Applications The dispenser is specifically for pot-and-pan sinks (Solid model) or encapsulated powder products (Powder model). Different types of products require different spray nozzle assemblies. The Encapsulator Plus dispenses a ready-to-use mix of chemical product and water to pot-and-pan sink or pre- soak applications. It operates from a single manual valve and delivers a consistent product mixture. Encapsulator Plus Encapsulator Plus Dimensions: H 18.5”x W 10.5”x D 8” Weight: 4.7 lb Incoming Water Temp: 100 - 130°F Minimum Pressure: 20 psi Maximum Pressure: 80 psi Maximum Flow Rate: 4.5 gpm Misting Nozzle: 0.052 gpm at 30 psi Slow Feed: 0.052 gpm at 30 psi W-6000 Solid Master is a rugged, glass-filled polypropylene reservoir for dispensing encapsulated cleaning products. It accepts any typical 6“ diameter plastic bottle. The open top design allows the tallest bottles to fit easily, and a strategically located spray nozzle assures total product wash-out. n Incorporates a spring-loaded spray deflector prevents the operator from being sprayed when changing bottles n Water spray contacts the contents and dissolves chemical; solution drains from bottom of the bowl W-6000 Dry Detergent Reservoir Features n Fast installation n Positive mechanical deflector prevents water spray during bottle changing n Maximum wash-out for cost effective dispensing n Durable, glass filled polypropylene construction W-6000 Dimensions: H 9.5”x W 7”x D 9.6” Weight: 3 lb Housing: Glass-filled polypropylene