18 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene n Features programmable delay, dose and lockout times of 0 - 20 mins each n Suitable for top-loading laundry applications n Programmable dose time allows for timed or volumetric dosing n Lockout time can be programmed to protect against repeat dosing n Available in 115 Vac or battery power, comes with low- battery indicator Singleshot Microprocessor-Controlled Dosing System Features n Incredibly easy to program n Can be equipped with an external trigger for remote dosing n Easily automates top-loading laundry machine dosing n Programmable lockout prevents accidental repeat dosing n Water-resistant enclosure DR-2000 Power Configurations: 115 Vac, 50 - 60 Hz 4 D-Cell Battery Pump: Peristalic, self-priming, self-checking 6 volt DC Speed: 100 rpm - line power 80 rpm - batteries Flow Rate: 5 oz/min - line power 4 oz/min - batteries Simple, Low-Cost Dosing for Laundry and Warewash applications. SingleShot is a microprocessor-controlled chemical injection device for accurate, on-demand dosing of applications, including over-the-sink pot and pan and top-load laundry machine dosing.