27 Laundry Wash System Series Intelligent laundry dosing at your fingertips WiFi/Lan direct connection to allow local programming of the equipment Remote management of the dosing systems The Wash System series uses either a pc, tablet or phone to be programmed and works independently from any operating system/hardware. It works in any web browser on any internet enabled device. No special software is required, and it can be used with a PC or Mac Computer, or any smart communication device. Data on Demand The web connection provides detailed reports providing detailed management information for any operator regardless of their location in the world or the time of day or night. On a purpose-built website, visible on any smart device or PC, operators and managers can access data relating to real time and historic chemical consumption, formula usage, which programs are running on which machine, and whether chemical levels are low of if there is a fault in the system. This on top of information about real time wash loads and total loads washed providing the most important management information for an efficient laundry. HTLM programming interface compatible with all internet browsers for any device as PC, tablet and smart device Designed and built on the back of an extensive and in depth understanding of the laundry market, fine tuned in collaboration with customers from around the world, SEKO’s Wash System Series provides ultimate flexibility for any operator whilst allowing accurate control of the total laundry operation, helping to manage consumption of chemical, water and energy within the overall wash process with class leading management information available as required. Wash System Series offers class leading remote control of the dosing equipment from anywhere in the world, allowing ultimate customer support.