28 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene Flush sequence WashUltra includes a flush sequence both at initial set up and then before and after each chemical dosage ensuring the full chemical dose is delivered to the distributor valve block, but also clearing the tube of chemical residue ensuring non chemical contamination and helping to prolong the life of the squeeze tubes by reducing the chemical contact time to a minimum. WiFi box WashUltra WiFi box enables the system to talk to its various components and also enables the remote management of the dosing system via any pc or smart device providing both operational management capability as well as key management information data on demand. Aimed directly at operators of the larger industrial laundry operations, WashUltra is a pneumatic dosing system designed specifically for this application, offering large flow rate dosing capabilities from a single pneumatic diaphragm pump and multiple valve inlets for distribution in a single or double flushing line. As standard WashUltra comes with a “Proof of Dosing” flow meter to ensure accurate dilution control and features an inbuilt self-adjusting calibration. As with the other products in the Wash Series, WashUltra allows remote management of the dosing system and provides critical management information through the “sekoweb” portal. WashUltra Professional Laundry Dosing System Features n Modular system configurable for up to 10 washer extractors, with 16 chemicals and up to 90 formulas n  Parametric dosing of the wash formula based on the washer extractor capacity n Reliable communication between modules via CANBus n Wide Range Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC n Up to 8 inputs for Trigger interface module (SIM) optically insulated 12VDC 24 - 240 VAC n Turn key system n Quick uploading and downloading of parameters and formulas