30 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene WashMaster was designed for professional laundries requiring the highest levels of dosing accuracy for washer extractors up to 220lb. The peristaltic multi pump features a high capacity “H” pump head allowing a flow rate of up to 55 oz/min. WashMaster also features self-adjusting calibration, making installation and maintenance easy. To further ensure accuracy in dosing, WashMaster as standard comes with a “Proof of Dosing” (PoD) flowmeter which ensures that regardless of tube degradation or flow rate, that the right amount of chemical is dosed reducing wastage and risks of overconsumption. WashMaster Professional Laundry Dosing System Features n Modular system configurable for up to 10 washer extractors, with 16 chemicals and up to 50 formulas n Parametric dosing of the wash formula based on the washer extractor capacity n Reliable communication between modules via CANBus n Wide Range Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC n Up to 8 inputs for Trigger interface module (SIM) optically insulated 12VDC 24 - 240 VAC n Turn key system n Quick uploading and downloading of parameters and formulas