31 Laundry TheWashMax system is aimed at on premise laundry operators. Designed to allow OPL Laundry Managers to control accurately their overall operation, helping to reduce over consumption of chemical, water and energy within the overall wash process. It also offers the possibility to control the dosing equipment anywhere in the world allowing remote customer support. WashMax can be optionally equipped with a PoD (Proof of Dosing) system, that ensures precise and steady dosage quantity, regardless of any variability in the condition of the chemical product or feeder tube. WashMax Professional Laundry Dosing System Features n Modular system configurable for up to 16 chemicals and 50 formulas  n Parametric dosing of the wash formula based on the washer extractor capacity n Reliable communication between modules via CANBus n Wide range power supply 100 - 240 VAC  n Up to 8 inputs for trigger interface module (SIM) optically insulated 12VDC 24 - 240 VAC n Turn key system n Quick uploading and downloading of parameters and formulas