32 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene System with Flexibility The only laundry dosing system you’ll ever need A bold statement but such is the flexibility of SEKO’s Wash Series that we are confident that our claim is true. SEKO’s Wash Series provides ultimate flexibility regardless of the size of professional laundry. Its component based design can be specified to make tailoring to a specific need or site easy. System configuration on initial set up makes the system completely modular. Each item is connected to the CANbus network and needs to be identified. Once completed, all the items can be replaced without the need for further set up, while the same individual items can be identified and replaced should a fault occur, or maybe additional items are needed to expand the capability of the installation. Washer Formula Selector Selects the formula for each washer (note this is not required where Autowash mode is present). This helps eradicate the risk of user/operator error as the programs are preselected Washer Kit Enables the installation to be expanded to cope with additional needs, post original installation Distributor Module Delivers the dosed chemical directly to each washer extractor using valves that are fully compatible with chemicals commonly found in professional laundry operations Level Control Module Monitors the levels of chemical levels in the containers and accepts up to 8 inputs Alarm Module Signals the status of the system using visual and audio alarm signals Trigger Interface Module Receives trigger signals from each Washer and transmits them via a CANbus to the system