33 Laundry n Fits manual triggering, remote triggering and automatic triggering applications n Alpine stores 8 formulas and accepts a 3rd pump n Low-product alarm eliminates poor laundry results due to empty chemical drums Smaller operations require less maintenance heavy systems, and Beta Technology’s Alpine fits perfectly, with simple operation and great reliability, while the SnapHead™ pump cartridges simplify tube maintenance, preventing chemical burns Alpine Domestic-Style Laundry Dosing Features n Affordable domestic style laundry dosing n Minimal inventory requirements n Low maintenance n Quick, easy installation Alpine Power Configurations: 100 - 240 Vac, 50 - 60 Hz Tube: Flex, 8 oz/min Current: 0.42 Amp max (at 240 Vac) Hydraulic Performance Maximum Vacuum: 8” of mercury Maximum Pressure: 20 psi Alpine is for domestic style top load and frontload washers requiring two or three chemicals. An incredibly cost-effective method to automate domestic style laundry dosing. Its low acquisition cost and fast, easy installation makes it an easy option. Alpine’s application flexibility lets you tailor the installation to your requirements.