36 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene L5000XL Time, Formula, Sequence, Relay & Tunnel Dosing Easy to program. Easy to calibrate. Fewer trouble calls. SmartScreens™ lead you through the programming so quickly, a first time user can program formulas in under 10 minutes. L5000 XL has 6 dosing modes: Smart Relay, Formula, Sequence, Latched and TAFS. Automatic Formula Selection (AFS) is available in Latched mode. These modes make it tremendously flexible, so the L5000 XL can be installed anywhere. In Continuous Batch Washer applications, all 8 pumps can run simultaneously. If remote formula selection is not required, the programmer can be removed after installation is complete. Clone formulas for quicker installations L5000 XL’s cloning ability eliminates repetitive data entry. Simply unplug the programmer from a programmed pump box, plug it into an unprogrammed pump box and select “Send.” It’s easy to edit the downloaded programming. By storing a master program on a separate programmer, all of your installations will be quicker! Laundries will love you for this XL allows users to select formulas by name instead of number,soyoucanthrowawaythosewallcharts! Optional low level alarms reduce rewashes. Hygiene verification can be used to verify that wash water temperature meets local regulations. Best of all, operators can either view load counts and pump run times on the programmer, or retrofit a datalogging and communications module that can be combined with ManageNet software to provide full operational reporting. Easy to calibrate Our programmer is an ergonomic wonder, fitting in your hand like a TV remote for quick calibrations. You’ll never have to calculate a run time again! The calibration is volumetric, so formulas never need to be changed on the washer or in the dispenser to make adjustments for tube wear. Simply recalibrate each pump, and the run times are automatically adjusted! L5000 XL also features dose verification, allowing you to “reality check” pump volumes and recalibrate if necessary. Ergonomic design makes calibration easy!