40 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene ProMax Slide 4 Product & Button 1 Product ProMax Accurate Dilution at the Push of a Button Features n Available in either 1 or 4 product versions n Revolutionary patented hydrodynamic technology sets new industry standards of performance and reliability n Modular and flexible for maximum versatility for Kitchens to Laundry, Janitorial services to Commercial Cleaning n Efficiently fills small, medium and large containers with accurately diluted ready to use solutions from chemical concentrates n  Outstanding space for personalized branding or customized communication without costly printing minimums and set up charges n ProMax C certified by all the leading European water authorities n Flow rate 4 – 30 l/min Low maintenance Reduced service calls < Robust housing and valve activating mechanism < Robust hydraulic with 9 bar (130 psi) static pressure tolerance < Auto-locking connection < Auto-activating venturi < Optional cartridge filter for poor water conditions to reduce water related service calls Project your company image < 95% of the facing available for proprietary graphics using underlays and removable clear faceplates < No external stick on labels to peel or run from wear or unsightly chemical and water damage < Customize the facing to identify product and/or establish color coding for employee safety < Print out small quantities of labels as needed to match your customers’ product mix Pro Max Flex Gap Pressure: 15 - 130psi Grey venturi Flow rate: 1 gpm Dilution ratio: 2.7:1 - 556:1 Yellow venturi Flow rate: 3.5 gpm Dilution ratio: 4.9:1 - 1000:1 Blue venturi Flow rate: 8 gpm Dilution ratio: 24.2:1 - 2000:1 Pro Max Air Gap Pressure: 15 - 130psi Grey venturi Flow rate: 1 gpm Dilution ratio: 3.13:1 - 417:1 Yellow venturi Flow rate: 4 gpm Dilution ratio: 7.80:1 - 1429:1