41 Surface Cleaning Tamper proof housing and activating mechanism Magnetic solenoid type activating valve The large membrane activation ensures perfect operation, up to 9 bar pressure and 158°F Robust and durable PP enclosure Cartridge Filter The optional head filter, enhances filtration where needed in troublesome water conditions reducing service calls. The filtration is independent of the number of units in line. 4 product selector The 4 product ProMax is equipped with a new selector valve that is elastomer free and has no O rings. It offers the highest resistance to the widest range if chemicals. External tip seat The product suction fittings are located outside, where the tips are also inserted. < Accurate dilution rates < Select from a full range of supplied metering tips Auto-locking connection Venturi Flex Gap Version The Flex Gap is equipped with a patented backflow preventer device, minimizing restriction and ensuring maximum performance. < Fast connections < Three colors for three different flow rates: - Grey Low - Yellow Medium - Blue High <  Same size discharge hose for all models < Single product units can be easily converted to a 4 product model in the field <  Fully interchangeable parts < Tool free maintenance Also available in AIR GAP version < Two colors for two flow rates - Grey Low - Yellow Medium ProMax Features