42 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene ProSink-R Accurate dilutions straight to your sink ProSink-R Flex Gap Pressure: 15 - 130 psi Gray Venturi Flow rate: 1 gpm Dilution Ratio: 2.9:1 - 1000:1 Yellow Venturi Flow rate: 3.5 gpm Dilution Ratio: 5.5:1 - 2000:1 ProSink-R Air Gap Pressure: 15 - 130 psi Gray Venturi Flow rate: 1 gpm Dilution Ratio: 3.27:1 - 667:1 Yellow Venturi Flow rate: 4 gpm Dilution Ratio: 7.56:1 - 1667:1 ProSink is a chemical dispensing system that automatically and consistently mixes the precise amount of detergent and sanitizer with water at the turn of a knob, conveniently filling large sinks with accurate solution. The ProSink-R features a strong, long lasting and easy to clean rugged stainless steel enclosure that is smooth with no sharp edges and which has the benefit of a customisable front cover. With a direct connection to the water source and no electric power or compressed air needed, it produces accurately diluted chemical simply and quickly with a fill tube. Offering single or double chemical product options and with a variable flow rate, operators can choose from 15 mixing ratios for accurate, effective dosing. Naturally ProSink comes equipped with an ASSE 1055 certified backflow prevention device UPC and CSA standards Features n Ball valve operation n No need to hold or lock a button n Smooth and ergonomic surface and customizable front cover n Rugged stainless steel enclosure n Strong, long lasting and easy to clean n Installs easily with 2 or 3 screws n “Quick connect” manifold to insure fast easy maintenance n Direct connection to water supply n Integrated backflow prevention Easy Access Removing the valve knobs it is possible to open the system and access the hydraulic circuit, carry out maintenance and change water inlet direction.