44 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene The ProSpray cleaning and sanitation system automatically dilutes and dispenses concentrated cleaning products as a foam or spray. The spray system is easily and quickly converted into a foam system with the “quick-coupling” foam wand. n Strong, long lasting and easy to clean rugged stainless steel enclosure n Smooth and ergonomic surface, with no sharp edges n Connection direct to the water source, no electric power or compressed air needed n Space saving n Quick and easy installation: no special tools required n The system can dose one or two products n Single or multiple chemical use n 15 different mixing ratios can be easily chosen, making the dosing accurate and effective n Fill tube designed to minimize excess foam ProSpray Spray system at the flick of a switch Features n No“Lock-Tite”threaded connections n Simple maintenance thanks to“quick connect” manifold n Non return valve and metering tips are easily accessible n Brass fittings for hot water resistance, polypropylene injectors for chemical resistance, rugged stainlesssteel casing for secure mounting and durability. n Suitable for use in food processing, dairy, transportation, industrial and agricultural industries. n Itcanalsobeused:insupermarketmeatrooms, seafood shops, butcher shops, automotive care areas, shower rooms ProSpray Flow rate: 3 gpm Dilution ratio: 15.4:1 - 2000:1 Pressure: 22 - 100psi