47 Surface Cleaning Fits the need JetNeat is a suitable solution for a variety of applications, and by combining the various elements, an ideal solution can always be found. < Wet room < Shower facility < Kitchen < Butcher shop < Restaurants < Supermarkets < Health care < Educational facilities < Animal care JetNeat 0.7 Gallon JetNeat 0.4 Gallon The JetNeat system, the fastest, easiest, most convenient and suitable solution to wash, sanitize and rinse surfaces. JetNeat is composed from a spray gun with a quick connector and a venturi with a chemical tank built-in which can be applied at the exit of it. Connected to the water tap by a flexible hose, the trigger gun is able to rinse thanks to a fresh water powerful jet. Once the venturi is quick applied at the outlet of the gun, the JetNeat can produce a mixing solution that can be sprayed or foamed based on the model and chemical used. JetNeat Portable dilution in your hand JetNeat Dilution ratio: 1.10:1 - 250:1 Pressure: 25 - 83psi Features n Chemical tank made in PP for chemical and physical damage resistance n Light weight gun easy to use with brass nickel plated connector n Strong PP body with built in venturi and brass nickel plated connection