SEKO has always supported businesses facing the commercial challenges that arise from having to ensure the cleanest most hygienic premises, whilst driving costs down and minimizing environmental impact. Today, it has built a worldwide reputation as a leader in the world of Cleaning and Hygiene Dosing and Dilution Solutions. Exploiting our market experience, we design, develop, test and manufacture designs that ensure all our solutions and systems deliver: Cleaning & Hygiene An ever-evolving set of solutions for your environment Precision and Consistency Maximizing cost control for chemical dosing, or ensuring the right dilution rate is used, requires advanced technology, impervious to fluctuations in water pressure, to guarantee an effective result, in turn providing the security for a given business brand. Safety and Reliability The safety of customers and operators is paramount, requiring the very best in terms of design and features. SEKO’s range provides this security. From the locking mechanisms of our SekureDose range through to the IP65 and Nexa 4 enclosures of our warewash systems, safety is at the forefront of our design ethos. Reliability drives good safety, and all SEKO’s products are fully tested prior to leaving our warehouse. Ease of Use and Installation As a global company, we are attuned to the differing needs of individual markets. This is why, when we design a new product, we ensure that installation is simple, that we use uniform programming language solutions that are intuitive and easy to understand, in whatever language you speak. Operational Efficiency Running a business is about making money. To do this, SEKO plays its part. From the affordability of the range of solutions, through to thoughtful design elements like the semi flat pack design of Sekure cabinets to the Transaxle Technology, that improves the lifetime of motors and tubes alike, all aimed at reducing operating costs.