50 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene SekureDose is the ideal “turn-key” solution for filling spray bottles or buckets to wash floors, counter tops or other hard washable surfaces and for sink filling for pot and pan washing. SekureDose is quick to install and comes with an easy to maintain manual pump mechanism built into a robust, easy to clean chemical cabinet. As with all SEKO equipment, it offers practically tool free installation – quick and simple using the SEKO wall bracket system. As with the SekureMax and ProMax systems, SekureDose offers outstanding space for personalized branding or customisations communication without costly printing minimums and set up charges. SekureDose Simple and safe chemical dosing SekureDose 5l Dimensions: H 21.3”x W 8.9”x D 6.9” Trigger Bottle: H 32.6” Mop Bucket: H 12.5”x D 10.1” SekureDose 2.5l Dimensions: H 18”x W 6.8”x D 5.5” Trigger Bottle: H 29.3” Mop Bucket: H 12.5”x D 10.1” Three model types Providing solutions for bucket fill, trigger bottle fill and sink filling. n  Easy calibration n No electrical connection, no water supply required n Modular flexibility n Capacity 1 gallon and 0.5 gallon Mop bucket filling Sink filling Trigger bottle Filling with variable height bottle stand