53 Surface Cleaning Reducing costs n Fast dilution adjustments with patented metering peg n “Tool Free” assembly n Threadless, quick connectors for multiple product systems n Fast and easy disassembly and reassembly for routine maintenance n Unit can be customized in the field Innovation drives satisfaction n Patented clog-resistant metering peg is easier to handle and harder to lose n Ultra-fine mesh strainer that protects nozzle from splash-inducing debris n Flow-through strainer reduces clogging n R-Gap provides extreme reliability, even with extremely hard water n A-Gap nozzle features patented lip that reduces scale- induced backpressure splashing n Patented laminar-flow eductor body reduces splashing n Easy “Push-on, Push-off” latching BetaJet’s patented design makes offers reliability and convenience unlike any other proportioning system. Installation is easy and reduces the need for unscheduled maintenance caused by the clogging of old-fashioned metering tip and are also reduced by BetaJet’s ultrafine filtration water strainer. BetaJet also reduces inventory requirements with a simple reconfiguration. Switching from bottle fill to bucket fill is fast and additional units can quickly fix together without tools or threaded fittings. BetaJet Venturi-Based Proportioning System Features n Attractive design n Easy installation n Reduced trouble calls n Simple maintenance n Increased safety