54 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene BetaJet Venturi-Based Proportioning System Betajet Dilution Range: Low Flow: 3:1 - 525:1 High Flow: 5:1 - 800:1 Ext. Dilution Range: Low Flow: max 800:1 High Flow: max 1200:1 Pressure A-Gap: Low Flow: 14 - 78 psi Pressure A-Gap: High Flow: 14 - 78 psi Pressure R-Gap: All: 28 - 78 psi Dimensions: H 8”x W 3.9”x D 3.75” Nominal Fill Rate: Low Flow: 1 gpm at 40 psi High Flow: 3 gpm at 40 psi Clog resistant, flow-through strainer. Water flows around it on multiple unit systems, so even if the first one clogs those down-stream aren’t effected. E-Z on“Blue Clip” simplifies water connections Valve is easily changed from latching to non-latching; just twist the disc Adjust dilution without removing chemical tube Value/Venturi assembly snaps into backplate A-Gap and R-Gap are ANSI/ASSE 1055B and UPC approved for backflow protection Water flow around filter to other proportioners Water flow through filter to venturi