8 Solutions for Cleaning & Hygiene SEKO’s WareBasic peristaltic range offers reliable robust and affordable dosing solutions for glasswash machines, door type warewash machines. Offering simple installation compact solution and connection, there are models available for both dry and liquid detergents. Safety and reliability is assured thanks to polypropylene enclosures, meeting NEMA 4X classification while ease of use and low operating costs feature across the range. WareBasic PR 7 Speed adjustable detergent peristaltic pump WareBasic PR 1 Speed adjustable rinse-Aid or Sanitizer peristaltic pump WareBasic PRT6 Fixed speed Detergent peristaltic pump with initial and make up charge time, adjustable SekoFlex and SekoBril squeeze tubes SekoFlex and SekoBril squeeze tubes are made to maintain a constant ratio of internal to external diameter along the tube’s entire length and trimmers for setting chemical concentration and dosing modes. Microprocessor technology The entire range of WareBasic dispensers utilises microprocessor technology for consistent, precise and reliable control. WareBasic Peristaltic Pump Features n Precise programming of speed, time and conductivity value with latest generation microprocessor technology n Long lifetime of squeeze tube and motor due state of the art design and squeeze tube technology n NEXA 4X (IP 65) enclosure for optimum water resistance. SEKO’s material and construction offers excellent resistance to impact and chemical exposure n Electrical class 2, no ground wire needed