2 Commercial Laundry 2 OplBasic OplBasic Series offers a wide range of single and/or two product timed systems for liquid and dry product applications. Chemical dosing is activated automatically by a signal from the washer or by manually pressing the membrane switch located on the front of the unit. (Optional remote manual switch also available) OplBasic L Dosing system with a peristaltic pump OplBasic D Dosing system with a solenoid valve OplBasic LL Dosing system with double peristaltic pumps Main Features Easy to use <  Dip switches, trimmers and jumpers make calibration and programming quick and easy <  Front cover opens to 90° degrees for easy access to connections <  Prime switches for each product Easy installation - Minimum maintenance <  Simply run the tubing and connect to the power supply <  Easily mounted and removed with built in mounting brackets <  No special tools required Safety - Reliability <  All settings are made inside the cabinet to discourage tampering <  Water resistant and durable <  End of product alarm input <  SekoFlex and SekoBril squeeze tubing, always equipped with inlet-outlet fittings for fast and safe connections Dosing time Accepts program run time 0 - 10 minutes. Easy calibration method of programming. Lock out time Prevents repeat dispensing of product from 0 to 75 minutes with dip switch settings. When the lock out time expires, the pump or solenoid valve will restart, if signalled. Delay time Using an internal trimmer, delay the start of the pump from 0 - 5 minutes. When the OplBasic receives a signal, dispensing won’t begin until after the programmed delay time.