4 Commercial Laundry OplAdvantage The OplAdvantage combines SEKO’s world leading peristaltic pump technology and guaranteed reliability for accurate dosing in commercial OPL and industrial laundry machines. Innovation and precision of all mechanical parts allow the system to manage each dosing formula, assuring high quality performance. The OplAdvantage system is triggered by signals from laundry machines. Program up to 9 formulas, each with their own run and delay times. OplAdvantage LV Peristaltic dosing systems Low Volume OplAdvantage SV Peristaltic dosing systems Standard Volume Control unit Complete user friendly programming assuring intuitive operation and programming. <  Easy to install <  Up to 9 wash formulas with manual program activation <  Easy Programming just set the pump run and delay times <  4 different modes NORMAL; DRAIN ; RELAY; FLUSH <  Access code to avoid tampering <  Load Counts function: stats for each formula <  Up to 75 minutes lock out time <  Second activation level <  Pump calibration function Main features <  Accepts optional flush manifold and level control device <  Will satisfy the demands of any OPL application <  Squeeze tubing: SekoFlex and SekoBril. Always equipped with inlet-outlet fittings for fast and safe connections (different tubing types are available for specific chemicals Plastic enclosure <  Electrical circuit with 6 pump connections <  Front cover opens to 85° allowing easier electrical connections <  Water resistant and durable <  Easy maintenance, no special tools required <  Easy wall mounting and removing with the built-in mounting brackets <  Equipped with tamper resistant devices