7 Commercial Laundry OplMini L Multi-function digital peristaltic pump Remote Control Accessory with 8 ft. cable OplMini L Fixed speed peristaltic pump with digital adjustment of delay, dosing and lock-out time. Suitable for wash wheels up to 50 pounds. Comes equipped with 2 cables: cable 1 for the 100÷240 Vac power supply, cable 2 is dedicated to receiving a 20÷240 Vac signal that activates the dosing cycle Features Precise programming of delay, dosing and lock out times by keys display and microprocessor technology Long lifetime of squeeze tube and motor due to latest Transaxle and Tubing technology NEMA 4 (IP 65) enclosure for optimum water resistance. SEKO’s material and construction offers excellent resistance to impact and chemical exposure Specifications Multi-function digital peristaltic pump OplMini L from 20 to 240 Vac 50-60 Hz Power supply 3.5 W Power consumption 8 oz/min Flow rate max 1.5 psi Pressure SekoFlex Squeeze tube 0 to 999 sec Dosing time Delay Time 0 to 999 sec Lock-out Time Electrical class 2, no ground wire needed Wide range of options All pumps can be supplied with the possibility of connecting a level probe, Acoustic alarm and priming by means of a switch