10 Proportioning The ProTwin is a cleaning and sanitizing station that automatically mixes and dispenses concentrate chemicals. Enhanced performance solution for Surface cleaning applications. Effective Adjustable spray pattern Safe Separate selectable chemical position eliminate risk of chemical crossover Professional Unsurpassed foam quality 3 functions spray/foam and rinse up to 140°F (60° C) tolerance. ProTwin Easy Intuitive ergonomic design for user friendly operation Fast Single spray gun for foam, rinse & sanitizing Clean, White, Professional appearance Efficient precision Engineered eductors insuring accurate, proportionate dosing Without Foam wand Without Foam wand With Foam wand LIGHT – DURABLE SPRAY GUN Adjustable spray pattern & thick foam all in one FOAM WAND Pressure Dilution ratio Flow-rate PERFORMANCE 85 PSI 6.5:1 (Rinse) 4.2 GPM (Prod) 2.4 GPM Max 22 PSI 1429:1 Max