11 Proportioning ProTwin foam kit <  Easily adapts to the ProTwin <  Utilizes the ProTwin’s single selector for detergent and sanitizing functions <  Generates surface clinging dry foam for maximum contact time <  ProTwin’s venturis maintain the proper and consistent chemical action/consumption <  Excellent for vertical surface cleaning <  Enhances the foaming properties of foaming chemicals with the use of compressed air ProTwin Foam kit Flow-rate Dilution ratio Pressure FEATURES 2.5 GPM - Max. 85 PSI Min. 15 PSI Rinse 1 GPM max. 6:1 min. 116:1 Foam 1.9 GPM max. 20:1 min. 339:1 Product With ProTwin Foam Kit ProTwin foam kit ProTwin ProTwin foam kit converts the standard ProTwin into dry foam generator. Easy to install, use and maintain.