12 Proportioning SekureMax an evolutionary chemical dispensing cabinet incorporating many innovative features designed to assist management of transport and storage costs SekureMax has been designed to ensure the best compromise between accessibility and its total footprint whilst remaining easy to clean. Furthermore it is flexible enough to hold multiple sizes of chemical container covering 5lt, 2 x 2lt , 3 x 1lt and even 1 gallon jug. SekureMax comes with the facility to lock the cabinet door using a revolving plug or universal plastic key, guaranteeing the appropriate level of security. SekureMax Features <  Semi flat pack, folding design helps drive cost savings during shipment and reduces space required for stock holding <  Robust ABS lockable cabinet incorporates the dispenser and provides space for variable sizes of chemical container <  Customizable front panel cover to assist in promoting safe communication of the chemical content or for Customer Brand promotion <  The mounting bracket system provides superior modularity and compatibility with the ProMax and SekureDose ranges as well as ease of installation <  Smart design that remains easy to clean <  Lockable with revolving plug or universal plastic key