As part of a process of on-going product development, SEKO reserves the right to amend and change specifications without prior notice. Published data may be subject to change. © SEKO, Layout and origin: Italy, 850003-CHD_en, 04.2017 Your Choice, Our Commitment In the modern Globalised world, being a privately owned Company has significant benefits especially for our Customers, our Partners. For over 40 years, SEKO has developed a Global organisation able to take the longer view, manage the pressure of the now, and to plan for the long term, delivering true Partnership for our Customers, with transparency and mutual respect for each other. Whether it’s for our reknown flexibility, our attention to detail, the high-quality products, or just the way we do business, we understand that it’s Your Choice to do business with us. It is Our Commitment to fulfill your needs wherever you, our Customers are. For more information about our portfolio, worldwide locations, approvals, certifications, and local representatives, please visit