5 Proportioning The easiest, fastest and most convenient solution for controlled, manual dosing of liquid chemicals for all applications. Prodose-R evolved from requests for these enhanced features from our valued customers in the field. Improved fast stroke regulation The cap is improved providing ready access to the red adjusting pins while remaining secured during use. Enhanced viscous capacity <  Larger diameter fittings and 3/8” ID tubing for improved performance with high viscosity products (>4000Cps) <  Strong, flexible, impact resistant discharge tube New flexible spout <  Made in EPDM, strong enough for the chemical compatibility, soft enough to prevent bumping breakage <  Fits the standard fitting Improved check valves <  Easy Maintenance: unscrew the locknut, remove the fitting, replace the valve <  Double O-ring seals <  Valves are the same for left and right 6 different dosage settings <  Ranging from 1/5 oz to 1 oz per stroke <  No need to open the pump to set dosage ProDose-R 1 oz 1/5 oz 1/3 oz 1/2 oz 2/3 oz 5/6 oz Easy modular tube stiffener <  To hold the clear suction tube straight to the bottom of the product container