7 Proportioning The ProFaucet is a new and easy faucet proportioner for mixing pot & pan chemicals with water in the desired ratio at the push of a button. <  Quality, Stainless steel body <  Chemical & impact resistant <  Updated, modern design <  Easy to install <  Easy to use <  Accurate <  Durable <  Reliable <  Convenient ProFaucet With the water on, push the button and release it. The system mixes the chemical into the flow in the desired ratio. When water is turned off the button automatically releases to provide fresh water when the faucet is reactivated. Compact and easy to install: <     Remove the faucet aerator; <     Screw the ProFaucet onto the threaded outlet; <     Connect the chemical. ProFaucet’s full stainless steel body is made to withstand heavy use and chemical aggression for reliability and long life. The modern design provides an enhanced image. Consistent performance makes it suitable for most any pot & pan application. Inexpensive   With minimum investment the ProFaucet provides excellent chemical consumption and cost control. Safe No more manual mixing to eliminate unnecessary direct contact with concentrated chemicals. Reduces Waste By eliminated manual dosing, the ProFaucet reduces the possibility of over use of chemical and excessive use cost. Pressure Dilution ratio Flow-rate PERFORMANCE 85 PSI 290 : 1 4.5 GPM Max 22 PSI 5.7 : 1 Max