4 Warewashing Detergent Pump Probe reading 200μS to 10mS and Probeless Timed Modes Dosing Rinse Pump Speed or Time Control dosing Sanitizer Pump With Rinse or Detergent Pump dosing < Easy installation and intuitive programming <  Micro switches and trimmers for manual setting chemical concentration and dosing modes. <  Compression fittings supplied for all plumbing and tubing connections <  Mounts easily to the wall thanks to the mounting bracket <  The WareMax automatically accepts detergent / rinse signals from 100 to 240 Vac. No other power source required Motor Speed Control System – Increases the power to the motor to maintain a consistent performance <  Compensates for loss of speed, increasing the power by reading the revolutions of the back wheel <  Protects against motor breakage <  Raises the power of the motor to keep consistent performance WareMax WareMax is a range of dispensers that offers accurate, state of the art, microprocessor controlled dispensing technology all in one. The range offers automatic compact liquid or dry detergent in probe or probe less mode dispensers. Designed specifically for large conveyor and door type ware wash machines, it effectively eliminates all manual operations. SEKO’s extensive experience in dosing systems ensures that we designed the range to make quick and easy installation a priority. WareMax LL 1 detergent pump ; 1 rinse-aid pump WareMax LLL 1 detergent pump ; 1 rinse aid pump ; 1 sanitizer pump