6 Warewashing For all Models <  Pre-cabled system ready to be connected reducing installation time <  Switchable (multi-voltage) power supply from 100- 240 Vac helps reduce inventory stock <  No additional other power source required, accepts signals from 100 to 240 Vac <  Water resistant using Nema 4X enclosures that offer high degree of protection <  Extended conductivity range 200μS to 10mS with air reading capability to avoid unwanted dosages < Optimum precision of the set point Digital Models Only <  Easy, fast and preset programming guarantees minimum setup time <  Probe and probe-less mode max versatility <  Digital led display easy to see even in poor light conditions WareMini Features & benefits It’s not everyday that high performance and simplicity in use can be found in a single package that’s also very affordable. SEKO’s new WareMini range offers digital technology enclosed in a small attractive double pump system, pre-cabled and preset. The perfect recipe for ideal warewash dosing applications. Effortlessly delivering outstanding results, this WareMini range provides the perfect balance between value and benefits. WareMini LL 1 detergent pump ; 1 rinse-aid pump WareMini DL 1 solenoid valve for the powder detergent ; 1 rinse aid pump