22 Solutions for Water & Industry Your Choice, Our Commitment People choose to do business with SEKO for one or more reasons, but ultimately it is their choice, and therefore they merit our commitment. “Our commitment”is total and not only to our customers, but also to each other and the Company’s to its employees. Vision SEKO, is a passionate, dedicated Global Family of Professionals. We listen to each of our Partners and are committed to deliver the right solution in the Hygiene, Water Treatment and Industrial Process markets. TO BE YOUR PARTnER OF CHOICE FOR DOSInG SOLUTIOnS, GLOBALLY MUTUAL RESPECT, qUALITY AnD SPIRIT OF COLLABORATIOn Values Mutual Respect because doing business is about being able to generate trust between Customer and Supplier.We’ll deliver against our commitments, on time and in a transparent fashion, so you know can plan for your own business needs. MUTUAL RESPECT Quality for SEKO is a 360° reality. It covers not only the design, development, production and delivery of our products and solutions but it runs through the core professionalism of our teams. qUALITY Spirit of Collaboration is fundamental to our success and SEKO prides itself on how we work as a worldwide team, blending multiple country teams and functions to bring solutions to a Customer request or market need from an idea to the real world in very short time, across our global presence and beyond. SPIRIT OF COLLABORATIOn