04 Solutions for Water & Industry 2 3 How SEKO works for You SEKO supports its customers in every phase of a project, from the inception of an idea or request, through design and testing to launch and installation. Our in-house research, design and development teams work closely with the local teams, drawing on customer and market inputs. Then using state-of-the-art technologies to optimize costs and using our own specifically designed test benches to ensure rigorous, robust testing, we ensure a quality solution is delivered quickly to market. No matter which processes and applications are planned SEKO has a solution in the cleaning and hygiene of kitchens and laundries and surfaces of all types in applications like Offices and Restaurants, Hospitals and Hotels, Retailers and Schools, Car Washes and Swimming Pools, Cooling Towers, Energy, Food & Beverage, Water & Gas Utilities Potable and Waste Water Treatment. Partnership Philosophy Being a privately-owned business means that we are here for the long term and can plan projects with and for our Customers, where both parties benefit. It means we can rapidly take decisions to invest our resources to ensure our optimum solutions are delivered. Your Business, Our Solutions Our extensive product range represents a unique combination of design, development and implementation know how. With a wide and ever evolving range of products and ancillaries, we can offer specific and comprehensive solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Our solutions are conceived to fit seamlessly into your operation, optimizing the processes and applications Uniquely Positioned SEKO’s 3 business units, Cleaning & Hygiene, Water & Industry and Industrial Processes puts us in a unique position to be able to respond to the widest range of business needs, with a broad range that allows you the Customer to deal with just one company, simple. From the spark of an idea, through to the delivery of a solution, SEKO is with you all the way 1