05 Introduction Water Treatment Applications Water is becoming increasingly scarce, and therefore more valuable and as a result since the late‘90s, the water treatment market has rapidly grown as have the challenges faced by those who work in the sector and who encounter increasingly complex challenges in water treatment processes, ranging from guaranteeing high water quality to meeting ever more closely monitored regulations. From the treatment of water for human consumption, to the water used in cooling towers and the use of water in myriad industrial processes, SEKO has and continues to enjoy a strong reputation as a reliable and consistent partner delivering solutions tailored to meet any given need. Exploiting our market experience, we design, develop, test and manufacture designs that ensure all our solutions and systems deliver: An ever-evolving set of solutions safeguarding a precious resource Precision and Consistency From managing the total cost of ownership of a system, whilst guaranteeing accurate measurement of critical water parameters from our Kontrol Series, through to chemically compatible raw materials, chosen for their robustness and durability in our manufacturing process, exemplified by our 5-year guarantee on our diaphragms, to our ATEX certificated pumps, SEKO is offers an optimal result, providing peace of mind and brand security. Ease of Use and Installation As a global company, we are attuned to the differing needs of individual markets. This is why, when we design a new product, we ensure that installation is simple and that we use uniform programming language solutions that are intuitive and easy to understand, in whatever language you speak. Operational Efficiency From the affordability of the range of solutions, through to thoughtful design elements such as an adjustable stroke length, single liquid end options, stabilised power supply, multiple model outputs in one pump footprint, base or wall mounting, and a common programming language, SEKO’s pumps offer an exceptional mix of affordability and high performance across solenoid and electro- mechanical pump applications.