Intelligent Display, once a function is selected the pump will only display the parameters to set, which are linked to the selected function PVDF pump head and ceramic ball valve are standard Automatic Switching Power Supply 100 - 240 Vac 50/60 Hz Materials used in the pumps head BODY PVDF BALL VALVES PVDF BALLS CERAMIC DIAPHRAGM PTFE PVDF is suitable for almost all chemicals used in the Industrial, Waste Water Treatment and potable Water applications. Ceramic balls are used to ensure chemical compatibility and pump reliability. The parts that make contact with the injected chemicals have been chosen to provide for precise compatibility with most chemicals used in the industry. Tekna Series is the range of innovative wall mounted solenoid driven dosing pumps that SEKO has designed following many years of experience working with its customers worldwide. These multifunctional solenoid driven dosing pumps maintain outstanding precision and reliability, critical to any customer, characteristics synonymous with the SEKO name. Tekna Solenoid driven dosing pumps < 2 versions: analog and digital < 3 models that cover 1.1 to 29 gph with an output pressure up to 230 psi < One style configuration allows for easy planning and preparation for installations Long life diaphragm tested to give "Five Year" working life • The advanced design and manufacturing process allows the diaphragm to have a unique life expectancy • Made of pure solid PTFE, the diaphragm is compatible with most chemicals • The diaphragm has been tested over a period of 5 years giving superior results • Routine diaphragm replacement is no longer a requirement 08 Solutions for Water & Industry