L5000 XL doses large washer extractors and CBW/tunnels more cost effectively than any other large laundry dispenser. XL allows you to combine up to eight large or medium pumps and run them all at once. With the ability to operate in programmerless Smart Relay Mode, and retrofit data logging, L5000 XL is the no-compromise dosing system.

L5000 XL is the ideal business development tool. Laundries value Beta Technology’s famous reliability and XL’s 16 name-selectable formulas. XL’s thermal hygiene alarm offers healthcare accounts a unique hygiene compliance service. Bolster consistent results and chemical sales with XL’s low product alarm input. Ensure accuracy and make equipment replacement simpler with AFS and dose verification. When data is needed, L5000 XL can be added to the same data bus as ILS and ILS Max, allowing consolidation of all chemical usage into one ManageNet report.

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