The DR-2000 is a unique combination of compact size, simple operation and flexible dosing. It features a digital timing circuit and low power consumption pump that provides excellent battery life when used with the optional battery power pack.

DR-2000 is ideally suited for applications such as:
• Drains
• Cooling tower
• Boiler
• Spas, swimming pools and fountains

DR-2000 has these additional functions:
• DR-2000’s unique 7-day clock can program dosing events that occur one day per week, all weekdays, all weekends or every day.
• DR-2000 is programmed from the front of the unit using the 5-key keypad and display screen.
• Program up to 24 events with variable run times from 1 second to 20 minutes.
• Tamper-prevention programming keeps out the curious.
• Simple erase procedure clears unwanted events.
• Backup power source keep the clock running even when electrical power is interrupted.

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DR-2000 Installation Manual/ DR-2000 Install Guide Rev C

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