Beta Technology provides conductivity probes designed for numerous industrial applications. This data sheet provides detailed information such as cell constant (K factor), electrode material, maximum operating temperature and physical installation information. Important considerations when selecting a probe are:

Solution Concentration - Knowing the actual conductance in micro-mhos/micro-siemens is necessary in order to select an appropriate cell constant. This ensures optimum performance of the conductivity controller used in the application.

Solution Temperature - To ensure that maximum probe operating temperatures are not exceeded.

Solution Temperature Stability - Determines whether a temperature compensated probe might be necessary for the application.

Electrode Material - Stainless steel electrodes are suitable for many cleaning, acid sanitizing, metals processing, agricultural, and water treatment applications. Carbon electrodes are often better suited for more caustic applications and hard water conditions. Nickel Hastelloy C electrodes are more suitable for heavier acid concentrations.

Probe Mounting - For determining probe mounting method, such as bulkhead, in-line, dip-in or submersible.

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