Sierra is a multi-product chemical dispensing system for use in machine warewash applications. The advanced features include rack counting, pump and dishmachine runtime, audible alarms, multiple languages and water resistance. Sierra’s patented Virtual Clean Probe™ (VCP) guarantees fewer service calls, better performance and eliminates wasted chemical due to incorrect conductivity readings.

Sierra comes complete with an installation kit, rinse injector and mounting bracket. A universal power supply automatically switches to operate from 100-240 VAC and protects Sierra from damaging power fluctuations.

Installation requires less than 1 hour using an easily-accessible terminal strip, and Sierra is quickly programmed with intuitive text menus. Sierra is easily installed for use with or without a probe in any door or conveyor warewash system.

L005018 Sierra brochure

Sierra Install Guide

Sierra Presentations

040405 Introduction to Sierra

040616 Beta Sierra Installation

040616 Español Beta Sierra Installation

Sierra Equipment Technical Bulletins

Sierra Installation Manual / R14016-00-revI

Sierra Installation Pump Accesory Kit / 14502,a,INSTR INSTL,Sierra Pump Accy Kit

Sierra Installation Sanitizer Pump Kit / 14144,a,INSTR INSTL,Sierra Sanitizer Pump

Sierra Installation Auxiliary I/O Harness / 14124,a,INSTR INSTL,Sierra Aux Harness

Sierra Installation Uniport Cable / 14125,a,INSTR,INSTL,Sierra Uniport Cbl

Sierra Quick Programming Guide / Sierra Quick Programming Guide

Sierra Operating Guide-English/Español / 070806 SIERRA OPERATING GUIDE ENG-Español

Sierra Easy Clean Plastic Finish / 14999,a,ETB,Sierra-DR2-Mesa-Alpine Smoothe Bucket

Sierra Setup Washer Hold using Drain Tank Alarm / 16666,b,ETB,Sierr Washer Hold

Sierra Erroneous Drain Tank Alarm / 18111,a,Sierra Erroneous Drain Tank Alarm