Tahoe is an economical, user-friendly dispensing system for warewash and other chemical dosing applications. It features a rugged, water-resistant enclosure, as well as highly efficient circuitry. The 100 Series SnapHead™ pump cartridge provides excellent tube life, and is easy to remove and replace. Modular design allows several Tahoes to fit together for multi-pump applications and a sliding door hides the adjustments from view.

Tahoe’s versatile control circuit supports both time and speed-based dosing applications. You can configure warewash detergent dosing easily, using Tahoe’s independent initial charge and recharge time settings. Warewash rinse and other continuous run applications have an easily-configured pump speed setting. The front panel switch can be used to manually activate the initial charge dose, as well as to disable automatic dosing. For janitorial or pot-and-pan applications, the Tahoe can be used with a remote, push-button dose trigger.

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