Like the W-6000 the W-5000 is also a rugged, glass-filled polypropylene reservoir for dispensing encapsulated cleaning products. It converts 7″ high by 7″ diameter bottle encapsulated pellet or powder warewashing detergents into concentrated solutions for dispensing. The open top design allows even the tallest bottles to fit easily into the W-5000, and a strategically located spray nozzle virtually guarantees total product wash-out.

The W-5000 incorporates a spring-loaded spray deflector which slides over the spray nozzle whenever a bottle is removed. This effectively prevents the operator from being sprayed when changing bottles.

When the water supply is on, an even, unobstructed spray contacts the contents of the bottle. As the chemical liquifies, it runs to the bottom of the bowl where it drains out.

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W-5000 Equipment Technical Bulletins (ETB’s)

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